Top 5 pizza in Toronto


Published April 30, 2024 at 11:14 am

Pizza in Toronto is almost impossible to rank in any definitive way due to the wide variation in styles. We have Neapolitan-style pizza, old school pizza, new school pizza, slices and bar pies. It only felt right to include as much representation of some of our most venerated types of grease wheels as possible.

Thin, floppy and folded or sturdy and substantial, pricey gourmet pies or a budget slice: you can find all the cheesy goodness here in town. Our lively Italian community here in Toronto also makes sure we come correct when it comes to firing up these pizzas.

5 – Bitondo Pizzeria

This has been the best value for money, fill-up-on-a-dime slice for as long as most Torontonians can remember. It may not be as cheap as it once was, but it’s still one of the best deals for a piece of pizza that will stick to your ribs.

Slices are huge, easily as big as two slices from many average pizza places, but you’re at the mercy of what’s available in the warming station. Pepperoni is a typical option you can often expect to find, but during busier times, you might also wind up empty-handed.

The crust is thick and chewy, and the sauce and cheese meld nicely into it, making for a very nostalgic eating experience. There’s a perfectly light slick of grease on top that means the edges of the giant slices dye the corners of your mouth neon red, and if you want to kick things up another notch, there’s always the huge shaker of dried chilis available at the counter. Bonus: the old school open atmosphere of the restaurant means you can see older Italian guys making fresh pizzas throughout the day.

A location in Little Italy and right across from venue Monarch Tavern means this is a popular spot for partiers who are heading out for the night or taking a break from the bar. Just take care to note that they’re cash only, though there is an ATM on site.

4 – Maker Pizza

Originally founded by celebrity chef Matty Matheson, this shop, which has locations scattered across the city, is known for its very creative topping combinations. However, they also do great versions of classics like pepperoni, cheese, marinara, and Margherita. One of their claims to fame is a sesame-seed-laden crust that’s soft, chewy, and almost bagel-y.

The Frank’s Best is one of their well-loved pizza varieties, topped with goat cheese, grass-fed mozzarella, caramelized onions, rosemary, sea salt and organic honey. It’s safe to say toppings like this are a distinct cut above the average delivery order, and this particular pie combines sweet and savoury notes in a delightful way.

Stay sharp, and you can catch specials like their Big-Mac-inspired “Return of the Mac” and others.

3 – Pizzeria Badiali

Pizza lovers journey to Dovercourt and Queen to gleefully line up for a slice (or many slices) of this tiny takeout shop’s pizza. Slices are long, narrow, unashamedly greasy, and come in relatively simple varieties like pepperoni, vodka, and Margherita.

You can also order full pies from this place, but the slices are where it’s at for the true Toronto experience. Enjoy them on their small patio, or venture a few minutes away to a park.

2 – Mattachioni

This place serves Neapolitan-style pizza in a low-key setting that’s part restaurant, part grocery store. There’s a location in both the east and west ends of Toronto where you can try out their pies.

The crust on these pizzas is incredibly bubbly and very easy to fold, with a bit of charring that lends a slight smokey flavour. The sauce is practically raw and very spare, but it has so much punch and flavour you really don’t need much. Opt for the La Bufala to get a smattering of gooey cheese on top along with crispy basil. But seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of the pizzas here.

To spice things up a bit, it’s practically mandatory that you say yes to an offer of their house peperoncini on the side.

1 – Piano Piano

There are multiple locations of this restaurant where you can go for an elegant sit-down pizza experience. No matter which pizza you choose, you’ll get a good representation of a pizza with a true Italian feel, with a chewy but easily folded crust with excellent bubbly leoparding.

The Godmother is a great go-to, with sweet tomato sauce, pillowy mounds of cheese and salty, umami anchovies. Small tomatoes provide little pops of acidity and texture.

You’ll be provided with scissors to cut up your pizza yourself at your table, so just make sure you cut yourself the biggest slice.

  1. Piano Piano Harbord
  2. Mattachioni
  3. Pizzeria Badiali
  4. Maker Pizza Bloor
  5. Bitondo Pizzeria