Top 5 fish and chips restauraunts in Toronto


Published May 27, 2024 at 4:09 pm

Fish and chips are plentiful in Toronto, and the best restaurants that serve the greasy dish are no frills, old school and loaded with charm. These places are often packed with decades of history and memorabilia, and many of them fry their fish and chips in bubbling oil in full view of the dining room.

The crispiest batter, the flakiest fish, and the most addictive fries: these spots have it all, not to mention great tartar sauce, coleslaw, gravy and other fish n’ chips shop staples. And don’t forget to add malt vinegar!

These aren’t the fanciest restaurants in town, but they’ll definitely satisfy your craving for a classic English dish and perhaps some nostalgia on the side.

5 – Harbord Fish & Chips

This humble takeout stall situated on the street it’s named for may only have a few outdoor tables for seating, but the small spot serves up huge portions of fish with mountains of chips and has been around for about four decades. Basa, haddock, cod, halibut are battered and fried up right behind the cash along with chips, all served piping hot.

Takeout orders are served with a wedge of lemon, very creamy coleslaw and a relish-y tartar sauce. The batter surrounding the fish is crispy, crunchy, hearty and golden brown, and the fish inside is snowy and soft.

4 – Kingsway Fish & Chips

Memorabilia and kitsch cover the walls and the smell of fried food fills the air at this Kingsway institution with origins that stretch back to 1958. This is another spot where you can spy fish frying in the kitchen from the dining room.

They specialize in halibut for their fish and chips, and at this place you can opt for plates with “a few” fries (a half portion) or a few fries and salad for a slightly healthier twist on the iconic dish. Their batter is light, airy and bubbly with big crispy air pockets between the batter and the tender fish. The fries are crispy and light as well.

You can also get traditional English fare here like haggis, black pudding and savoury pies.

3 – Sea Witch

Some of the best chips at a fish and chips restaurant can be found at this sleepy but soulful spot on St. Clair West. Fried food bubbles away in their central frying station, and traditional cozy booths provide seating.

Though they’ve been around for a while now they’re a relative newcomer to the fish n’ chips scene in Toronto, but they’ve more than earned their status. They regularly serve haddock, halibut, pickerel and trout and have a weekly feature fish. Their fries make great poutine, and they’re also known for their onion rings.

Sea Witch’s crunchy batter has lots of little crispy bits to savour, and both the fish and their fries go very well with their sweet and tangy tartar sauce.

2 – Len Duckworth’s

Chunky fries are served with fish that’s battered and fried to golden perfection at this legendary spot with a history that stretches all the way back to 1929. Stepping into this Danforth space feels like stepping back in time, with mounted fish all over the walls giving it an old fisherman’s lodge vibe.

The batter here adheres extremely nicely to the fish, making it perfect for dipping into tartar sauce or even gravy. The batter is perfectly greasy and the fish is always moist. Their specialty is halibut and chips, but they also serve sole, haddock and cod.

1 – Oyster Boy

If you’re looking for somewhere a tiny bit more upscale to enjoy a plate of fish and chips, head to Queen West to experience the dish at a full-on sit-down restaurant. Known as one of the best seafood restaurants in town, this restaurant may be named for their oysters but all their seafood dishes are top notch.

That includes their fish and chips. A six-ounce Pacific cod loin is battered and fried to a deep golden brown, and served with fries, slaw and tartar sauce. The meaty fish fills out the light coating of batter nicely without too many big air pockets, making for a satisfyingly substantial meal.

  1. Oyster Boy
  2. Len Duckworth’s Fish & Chips
  3. Sea Witch Fish & Chips
  4. Kingsway Fish & Chips
  5. Harbord Fish & Chips