Top 5 burgers in Toronto


Published May 28, 2024 at 1:12 pm

Burgers are the ideal meal when you’re looking for something fast, fun and filling. Everyone has their favourites, but fortunately there are lots of variations to satisfy every preference. No matter what you like on your burger, from the works to a simple slice of cheese and some standard condiments, you can find it in this city.

These are the burgers that keep it relatively simple, but that have perfected the basic combination of bun, burger and toppings. The Maillard reactions are crispy, the buns are fluffy and the sauces are certainly special.

If you’re a burger lover in Toronto, these burgers are all a must-try.

5 – Harry’s Charbroiled

This burger originated in an old remodelled dive in Parkdale, and can now be found at the new Harry’s location at the corner of Coxwell and Gerrard. My favourite burger here is a bit of a wild card: the Red Burger is made with four ounces of pork red chorizo, havarti cheese, pineapple and jalapeno mayo.

The Red Burger is great if you like a bit of kick to your food, and the heat really builds as you continue eating the whole thing. The creaminess of the havarti and the sweetness of a thick slice of pineapple balance that out. The chorizo is a nice variation when so many other burger places exclusively offer ground beef.

Whether you’re getting a beef or chorizo burger from Harry’s, though, the quality of the patties is the same. All patties are huge, smashed to about palm size, with nice crispy fall-apart edges and a pleasant charbroiled BBQ taste that never fails to transport me to a backyard grilling session. If you’re not into chorizo, you can always go for the classic Plain Jane with beef, American cheese, onions, pickles and ketchup.

4 – Happy Burger

A little hole in the wall near College and Bathurst is serving up one of the best burgers in town. The name is appropriate, as it’s hard to see these burgers failing to make pretty much anyone happy.

Opt for the “Happy Cheeseburger” with everything and you’ll get a big, crispy beef patty topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and happy sauce, all on a potato bun. I like how the pickles are thickly sliced so they’re nice and crunchy, and the lettuce also adds a great crispy element. The flavour of the beef is super meaty and combines so nicely with the perfect amount of tangy “happy sauce.”

3 – Rudy

The Rudy Burger masters the art of simplicity. Cheese, Rudy sauce, lettuce and tomato is somehow all this irresistible burger needs.

The patty is nicely browned, crunchy and not too oversized so it’s easy to wolf down. The lettuce and tomato that can be forgotten at other burger places are excellent supporting actors here, the tomato and the frill of bright green lettuce providing a refreshing contrast and lots of texture. Though it may sound simple, don’t overlook this powerhouse Toronto burger that’s available at multiple locations of the Rudy empire.

2 – Aloette Go

Aloette has made a name for themselves based off their burger at both their takeout locations and their upscale sit-down restaurant. No matter where you get it, the Aloette Burger is a quarter-pound beef patty topped with griddled Emmental cheese, dijonnaise, pickled onions and finely shredded lettuce.

The meat is very flavourful, and the zingy dijonnaise complements it nicely. The griddled cheese is a star of this burger, something you won’t find pretty much anywhere else. You almost don’t realize there are pickled onions on the burger at first until you get those pops of acidity that balance the richness of the burger, and the generous amount of shredded lettuce both adds texture and creates a nostalgic feel.

1 – Burger Drops

Many burger fans in Toronto agree that the burger here is the king of all burgers in the city. The Burger Drops concept was born out of literal burger “drops” that would pop up for a limited time and were wildly successful.

This place packs maximum meat flavour into the perfectly griddled patties here, and yet these burgers still remain some of the most crushable around. The patties are made with a blend of premium AAA beef cuts that are delivered weekly and ground in-house every day.

Opt for the Original with griddled sweet onion, American cheese, house pickles and Drop sauce, or the American with ketchup relish, diced onion, lettuce, American cheese and Drop sauce, both served on a toasted potato roll. They’re equally good, with the Original bringing more of an old school vibe while the American is more like the very best possible version of a familiar chain burger.

  1. Burger Drops
  2. Aloette Go
  3. Rudy Burger
  4. Happy Burger
  5. Harry’s Charbroiled