Popular ramen chain just opened a new express location with $10 bowls in Toronto


Published July 8, 2024 at 9:39 am

kinton express toronto

A popular ramen chain just opened a brand new location that’s not like all their others.

Kinton Ramen is no stranger to opening new locations, but their new Toronto spot is unlike any other they’ve opened before.

The brand just opened up Kinton Express on Richmond Street West, offering hungry ramen lovers faster and cheaper access to their hot and steamy noodle soup than ever before. The best part is, bowls of ramen are just $10.

The concept is designed to emphasize speed, convenience and affordability, with a bank of kiosks in the restaurant for fast ordering and a quick pick up station.

“KINTON RAMEN EXPRESS is here to help without sacrificing quality and offering dishes at a reduced price point than that of our regular KINTON RAMEN concept,” reads the Kinton Express website.

Kinton Express serves a menu of pork, chicken, beef and veggie ramen, available in original, shoyu, miso and spicy varieties, all priced at $9.99 across the board.

You can also add on additional protein like pork belly, pork loin, chicken breast, beef brisket, plant-based chashu or inari tofu, or toppings like a seasoned egg, jalapeno paste, bamboo shoots, garlic oil, wood ear mushrooms, nori, sweet corn, scallions or extra noodles for an upcharge ranging from $1 to $2.99. They also serve sides and dessert, and specials are available.

Though the location is centred around grab and go service, there is a small amount of seating. The interior also has a cute neon sign reading “There’s no wrong way to ramen!”

Take care to note that the current operating hours at Kinton Express include a small break when they’re closed between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Kinton Ramen also just opened a new location in London, Ontario at 530 Oxford St. W., and just before that opened a new location in Burlington. They should also soon be opening a location in Guelph at 78 Gordon St.

Kinton Express is now open in Toronto at 1 Richmond St. W.

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