Hidden gem Italian concept opening brick and mortar restaurant in Toronto


Published June 19, 2024 at 3:38 pm

fuoco mio toronto

A seasonal Italian food concept serving pizza, arancini, sandwiches, burgers and fries has just announced they’ll soon be opening up a brick and mortar restaurant where people can dine year round.

For years, Fuoco Mio operated out of a trailer in the Stockyards near a handful of breweries. While the project was a great food source for hungry drinkers, the hours and menu were limited and subject to change.

Fuoco Mio owner Frank Addesi cures his own meats, which are featured prominently both in the sandwiches and on the pizzas he creates. The arancini from Fuoco Mio are as big as your fist, and their fries (plus the poutine that can be made with them) have always been some of the crispiest around.

Now, an update on operations has been posted to Fuoco Mio’s social media.

“It’s been a while since Fuoco Mio has posted. It’s been a crazy few months,” reads the post.

“As you may have noticed, Fuoco Mio at 100 Symes has been closed. It was a great experience having my trailer at 100 Symes cooking and making a lot of new friends…As Fuoco Mio got busy and a lot of requests for catering, I have decided it was time to open up bigger.”

The new physical restaurant for Fuoco Mio will be opening at 521 Annette.

“I am going through an extensive renovation and hoping to open up this summer,” the social media post continues. “Will keep you all posted with the renovation and the new menu. Hope to see you all very soon. Salute.”

Addesi tells YourCityWithIN that the restaurant is currently still being renovated, and that people can expect similar offerings to “the trailer but with a more improved menu, such as fresh made pasta and some seafood options.” He also promises a “wine and cocktail list” as well as “beautiful rustic design.”

He’s aiming for a grand opening of Fuoco Mio’s physical space on Annette around the beginning of August.

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