Chinese burger chain just opened their first downtown location in Toronto


Published June 5, 2024 at 10:21 am

bingz toronto

A chain for Chinese burgers has just opened their first location in downtown Toronto at the Eaton Centre.

Bingz has been expanding rapidly in and around Toronto, and already has four locations at First Markham Place, Scarborough Town Centre, Yorkdale and Fairview Mall. By opening this location, Bingz is breaking into the downtown market for the first time.

Burgers at Bingz are totally different from what you’d expect to get from a typical fast food chain. They serve burgers called roujiamo with origins that stretch back more than 2,000 years to the ancient Qin Dynasty, consisting of crispy buns stuffed with beef, chicken, pork or veggies cooked with a secret blend of 32 spices.

In addition to their special burgers, they also serve noodles and wontons in various styles. You can wash it all down with a soy milk, plum cold brew or a sparkling plum fizz.

The grand opening at the Eaton Centre was a smashing success, with the location selling over 6,000 crispy burgers. Bingz has also announced that a Square One location should be coming soon.

Bingz opened at the Eaton Centre Urban Eatery Food Court on May 31.

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