Top 5 unique cuisines you can find at Mississauga’s biggest food plaza


Published March 25, 2024 at 12:24 pm

Looking to taste cuisines from around the world without leaving Mississauga? The new “Ridgeway Plaza” is a food lover’s paradise, making it a go-to destination for those looking to go on an international culinary journey all in one place.

The new Erin Mills Centre, located near Ninth Line and Eglinton, is a haven for food enthusiasts. This bustling complex boasts a diverse culinary landscape, with hundreds of restaurants representing dozens of cuisines from around the world.

Here are five unique cuisines you can find at the Ridgeway Plaza:

5- Mexican – Mount Sinai Mexican Taste

Mount Sinai Mexican Taste in Mississauga is your go-to spot for some seriously authentic Mexican eats. It’s a small joint, and you can bet there’s usually a line because everyone knows this place is the real deal. They serve the most mouthwatering, traditional Mexican dishes, such as tacos, burritos, and enchiladas that’ll have you drooling. They have a relatively extensive menu, with taco options including chicken tinga, pork carnitas, and lamb birria, to name a few. This shop also has Halal menu offerings. So, if you’re after a taste of Mexico in Mississauga, this is the spot to hit up.

Must-try menu item:  Lamb tacos


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4- Yemeni – Matari Coffee Co.

Those who like their coffee beans strong will love this new spot. Matari Coffee stands out for its unique offering of Yemeni coffee and tea, which is renowned for its distinctive and rich flavour profile. Yemeni coffee beans are prized for their strong, complex taste, often described as having earthy and spicy notes. Besides their coffee, they also have several baked goods on display to try. Their honeycomb, which is a bread pastry filled with cheese and drenched in honey, is a must-try! With a beautiful interior and inviting ambiance, it’s the perfect place to meet with friends or family to wind down or catch up over a cup of tea or coffee. And although it is relatively new, the establishment is packed–especially late at night on weekends. 

Must-try menu item: Adeni Chai

3- Somali – Hamdi Restaurant

With its reputation as one of the most beloved Somali restaurants in Toronto, the grand opening of this establishment in Mississauga sparked a wave of anticipation. In a city where Somali cuisine is relatively rare, this spot is a must-visit, especially if you haven’t had the chance to experience this flavorful cuisine before. The restaurant is notably larger than most other shops in the area, with ample seating indoors. In comparison to its flagship location in Toronto, this Mississauga branch exudes a modern charm with a beautifully simple interior design. And let’s not forget about their lunch specials; they’re an absolute steal. For a reasonable price, you’re treated to a filling meal complete with soup and a drink (be sure to try their unique mango juice). And while I loved my meal, the customer service, and the interior, my favourite part of my experience was receiving my meal from “Tahir,”  the robot that brought my meal over while singing a popular Somali song.

Must-try menu item: Roasted Goat Platter

2- Peruvian – Wavey Ceviches

In Mississauga, it’s not so easy to stumble upon real-deal Peruvian food. But guess what? Wavey is here to be your go-to spot for mind-blowing ceviche and Peruvian eats. They’ve got a mouthwatering lineup, from ceviche and empanadas to lomo saltado, and then some. Now, let’s talk ceviche. They’ve got a bunch of choices – tilapia, tilapia and shrimp, tilapia with shrimp and a mix of seafood, or if you’re going the veggie route, they’ve got one loaded with roasted corn. The place itself is cozy and small, mainly offering takeout, with only a few tables inside to enjoy your feast. Aside from their ceviche, another menu favourite is their lomo or pollo saltado, which is your choice of a beef or chicken tenderloin stir-fried with tomatoes, onion and fries. And lastly, don’t skip out on grabbing a dessert on the way out, such as their Peruvian cookies, called alfajores.  

Must-try menu item: Mixto Ceviche

1- Moroccan- Morocco’s Kitchen

Morocco’s Kitchen in Mississauga is the go-to (and probably the only) spot in Mississauga to try the flavours of Moroccan cuisine. A must-try on their menu is the succulent lamb tagine, traditionally served with couscous (but also available with rice). This iconic dish is a true highlight, featuring tender lamb, vegetables and a blend of aromatic spices. And don’t forget to try their renowned mint tea, the perfect ending to a delicious meal. What sets Morocco’s Kitchen apart is not only its delectable dishes but also its exceptional hospitality. This may be strange, but the best way to describe it is their food feels like a warm hug from your mom. The staff ensures that diners feel right at home, offering warm and attentive service.

Must-try menu item: Lamb Tagine

  1. Morocco’s Kitchen
  2. Wavey Ceviches
  3. Hamdi Restaurant
  4. Matari Coffee Co.
  5. Mount Sinai – True Mexican Taste