Top 5 Retro Video Game Stores in Mississauga

Published December 1, 2017 at 9:07 pm

Nothing beats the feeling of heading to a game store to choose which new world you’ll spend hours exploring. Perhaps you’ll join Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom, or join the military to fight off a galactic invasion. Once upon a time you’d rush home, toss the game into your console and be gone for hours…nowadays you have to wait an hour for your console to download updates. No one enjoys waiting, so why not jump back in time? After Stranger Things 2, we all have a bit of 80s nostalgia running through our veins. Satisfy that nostalgia with jumping back through the games that made your childhood amazing. Here are the top 5 retro video game stores in Mississauga.

5) Game Street 

If you are going to go for a nostalgia trip back to the 1980s, then why not first stop off at a mall from the 1980s. Game Street at first glance seems small, but you’d be surprised by how much they’ve got. A large selection of complete in-box consoles, and a large enough game library of games to satisfy Mario with a mega mushroom, you’ll be surprised how long you will spend there. They also have their online store which features all of their products and allows for in-store pickup or delivery.

4) Game Experts 

Tucked away in Mississauga’s odd industrial and entertainment district, Game Experts is another small shop that you could almost miss if you weren’t looking for it. Once inside, you’re surrounded by games and consoles. Not a spot on the wall is empty. What truly stands out is the prices. Everything here seems reasonable at first, but buy enough and you may be eligible for a discount. They also have a large selection of Pokemon cards, which can satisfy the 90s nostalgia for anyone who wasn’t fortunate enough to grow up in the 1980’s.

3) Game Hoard

Before you can go on your quest in Hyrule, you have to go on a quest to find Game Hoard–another store tucked in a bit of a corner. Once you find it however, you will think you have found the triforce. It’s a rather large store filled with rows of games. What truly stands out is their complete in-box sets of classic Nintendo 64 games. Game Hoard has three stores in total, with their Mississauga location being their newest. Loaded with trading cards as well as action figures, they have just about everything to satisfy your nerdy needs.

2) Warp Zone Games (Dixie Outlet Mall, Fantastic Flea Market, Unit 31, Blue Room)

These game stores can be harder to find than the last piece of the triforce in the original Legend of Zelda. Hidden away in the corner is a cozy little shop jam packed with consoles and games. Under new management, the store has flourished and looks fantastic. Carrying games both old and new, they also stock a large amount of paraphernalia and promotional items. Consoles are setup to test the games before you purchase, and maybe pull you into a game you might have forgotten about.

1) We Got Gamez

The newest store on the list–and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s the company’s second location, and their first in Mississauga. After renovations, the store is bright and filled edge to edge with games and consoles. The owner is a fellow gamer, who says it was Super Mario Bros. 3 that made him start his company. His passion for games shows in both his store and his staff, who make you feel like you are talking with friends rather than salespeople. With two stores, his inventory is often larger than what you realize, and that’s what completes the triforce of retail. Friendly service, good prices, and a large selection.

  1. We Got Gamez
  2. Warp Zone Games–Dixie Outlet Mall Fantastic Flea Market
  3. Game Hoard
  4. Game Experts
  5. Game Street–Rockwood Mall