Top 5 Places to Take a Walk in Brampton

Published February 15, 2019 at 6:41 pm

It’s a nice day today, pleasant for walking!

If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors after work or on the weekend, get some steps in, and not even have to leave Brampton, you’re in luck. Brampton has some scenic areas perfect for taking a stroll.

Here are the top five places to take a walk in Brampton.

5. Downtown Brampton (Main and Queen)

Our downtown core around Main and Queen is lined with restaurants, scenery, and culture. If you’re looking for a casual stroll with ice cream or a smoothie, somewhere with ample seating space, and options for lunch or dinner, downtown Brampton is your spot. You can see flowers and hang out in a gazebo at Gage Park, waltz into PAMA, take a break in front of the big screen at Garden Square, and grab food afterwards. The residential areas nearby are also pleasant, quaint detours. If you want a casual walk with a side of culture, a stroll around downtown Brampton is perfect for you.

4. Donald M. Gordon Chinguacousy Park (9050 Bramalea Road)

At Queen and Bramalea, Chinguacousy Park has a pond, hills, gardens, and even a greenhouse. Ching Park might be on the crowded side, especially on weekends during the summer, but it definitely has a lot to offer in terms of scenery. Since the park is so large, it’s great for someone with an hour or two to explore, who’s looking to get their steps in and snap a few pictures of flowers while they’re at it.

3. Joyce Archdekin Park (Main and Steeles)

Right beside Shoppers World at Steeles and Main, I’ve found that Joyce Archdekin is something of a hidden gem in Brampton, mostly because not a lot of people know about it. This park has a path that extends into downtown Brampton from Etobicoke Creek across the street. I’ve noticed that Joyce Archdekin is nice for an after-meal walk, walking your dog, or going for a run. It’s lengthy depending on much of the trail you choose to walk (anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour!), and scenic – cherry blossom trees bloom here!

2. Eldorado Park (8520 Creditview Road)

Tucked into Creditview Road, Eldorado Park is surrounded by natural forest on the banks of the Credit River. Eldorado is great if you plan to spend an entire day or evening there, since you can compliment your walk by the Credit River with a swim at Brampton’s only outdoor pool and a picnic with family or friends. There’s a lot of space to relax and explore, to the point where you could get lost in the beauty of it all. Eldorado is a treasure in Brampton, dating back to the early 1900s, and ideal for someone who wants to relax and enjoy the outdoors on their walk.

1. Claireville Conservation Area (8180 Highway 50)

Claireville is an unexpected oasis in the middle of Brampton on Highway 50. Protected by Toronto and Region Conservation, Claireville is ideal for someone who wants to take a scenic and extensive walk or hike. It boasts wetlands, valleys, forests, grasslands, and incorporates the west branch of the Humber River. They’ve got a TreeCaching Trail for the eager beavers who want to learn about the trees in the area while they walk, and plenty of wildlife to see and hear. Claireville’s 848 hectares of greenspace are an escape from your day-to-day life in Brampton, great for exercise and photo opps.