Top 5 places to get ice cream in Mississauga

Published April 15, 2024 at 9:25 am

Nothing beats an ice cream cone on a nice hot day in Mississauga (or any time of the year really).

Ice cream might be great on a funnel cake or waffle cone, but there’s just something special about a traditional ice cream and thankfully, Mississauga has a lot of options for people looking for a simple dessert.

Here are the top 5 places to get ice cream in Mississauga:

5 – Xe Kem Ice Cream Shop

This little spot located in the Mississauga Chinese Centre is the definition of a hidden gem.

This ice cream shop serves unique Vietnamese treats such as Vietnamese frozen yogurt, ice cream, cakes, flan, and more. Flavours include matcha yogurt, purple sticky rice yogurt, durian ice cream, salted egg ice cream, and more.

Vietnamese yogurt is made from sweetened condensed milk, with a tangier and more tart flavour than traditional froyo.

The shop may be small, but the sweets are packed with flavour. There is no seating, so the treats are available for takeout only.

4 – Scoops

Scoops is a great neighbourhood ice cream place in the heart of the most popular summer neighbourhood in Mississauga: Port Credit.

Once you walk in, you can tell this is an old-school place since it features an ice cream counter on the right side of the store–often with a big lineup right beside it.

They have everything from ice cream and frozen yogurt to gelato and sorbet. While you can have your sweet treat in a cup, cone, milkshake or sundae, nothing beats a sugar cone. They offer over 30 flavours, so your favourite scoop will be there for you.

3 – Nani’s Gelato 

Located at Erin Mills Pkwy and Britannia Rd., in the same plaza as some local favourites like Gladiator Burger and Mad Ox, you don’t want to miss this little gelato shop (it’s the perfect spot to visit after grabbing dinner!)

The shop serves both gelato and soft-serve ice cream in a cup or waffle cone. Their flavours are described as a combination of Asian, Indian and Italian-inspired and are changed weekly, so there’s always something new for you to try.

The Punjabi milk cake flavour is a crowd favourite, but the shop also serves other fun flavours such as mango saffron cheesecake, and Thai green tea. The shop gets bonus points for offering vegan and gluten-free options.

2 – Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlor

Located in Streetsville, the outside of Murphy’s looks like a normal vintage ice cream shop, but when you walk inside, you’ll be greeted with the best waffle cone and sweet ice cream scent!

Murphy’s has soft-serve ice cream, hard ice cream, slushies, cakes, frozen yogurt, sundaes and delicious Italian gelato.

They have a big flavour selection, including watermelon, lemon, pistachio, classic vanilla, and chocolate. The service is quick, even in the summer and on weekends when the lineup is out the front door. There is ample outdoor seating in the Streetsville Village Square, so guests can enjoy their frozen treats.

1. Dairy Cream

Dairy Cream was established in 1958 and is located on Lakeshore Road East, but you can look for the line-up on summer days and nights to find it.

They have many options to cool you down on a hot day, including soft-serve ice cream made with real cream, which is a local favourite for dipped cones.

The menu also features 40 flavours of hard scoop ice cream, ice cream sundaes, banana splits, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, flurries, yogurt smoothies, freshly made funnel cakes, Belgian waffles, slushies, nutty bars, ice cream sandwiches, and take-home tubs of hard scoop ice cream, soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Be prepared to enjoy your frozen treat in the comfort of your vehicle, as there is no inside seating, only a few picnic tables scattered at the front of the shop.

  1. Dairy Cream
  2. Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlor
  3. Nani’s Gelato
  4. Scoops Ice Cream
  5. Xe Kem Ice Cream Shop