Top 5 places to get French toast in Hamilton

Published July 27, 2021 at 1:11 pm

In the Sunday morning battle between pancakes and French toast, the bread dipped in eggs and milk reigns supreme this week.

Hamilton has some modern and traditional French toast options, whether you’re looking for the classic maple and cinnamon or the more ambitious whipped cream and strawberries with chocolate powder.

Check out Hamilton’s top 5 places to get french toast:

5) Paradise Grill
930 Upper Paradise

If you are looking for a classic French toast, this is the place for you. Delicious soft bread coated with egg and milk, fried up in a pan.

To top it off, it came with an individual jar of maple syrup.

4) Motel Restaurant

359 Barton St East

Bring your appetite! The Cheesy French Toast is topped with melted old and mild cheddar, parmesan, two strips of sugar-cured bacon, and a sunny side egg.

If you can’t decide between the salty and sweet breakfast options, this is a solution for you.

3) Two Cougars & A Cafe
601 Burlington St East

While their classic French toast is always on the menu, keep an eye out for their creative specials. I’m talking graham-crusted French toast with berry compote and whipped cream.

If simply sweet isn’t your style,  thick-sliced cinnamon raisin French toast topped with apples, salted caramel sauce, and bacon might be more your speed.

To top it off, the prices are generally under $10.

2) Electric Diner
96 George St

I went with the Cinnamon French Toast Crunch, which is Cornflake crusted deep-fried French toast topped with maple cream, strawberries, and whipped cream.

If cereal and French toast had a baby, this would be their golden child.

1) Shy’s Place Restaurant
11 Coreslab Dr, Dundas

I opted for the Cookies and Cream French toast but the options were all mouth-watering: Classic French Toast, Buttermilk Chicken & Toast, Apple-Cinnamon, and Lime Pistachio.

They also have a great patio for brunch.

Written by Stacey Upton