Top 5 places in Hamilton for pancakes

Published April 16, 2021 at 10:00 am

Sunday morning pancakes were always a tradition in my house when I was growing up (and into my adulthood). While I stand by my dad’s pancake-making skills, local Hamilton spots have stepped up the pancake game.

From delicious classic pancakes to creative features, there is something for every pancake lover out there.

Check out Hamilton’s top 5 places to get pancakes:

5. Papa Leo’s Restaurant

I’m so happy to finally include Papa Leo’s on a Top 5 list. They have so many great things on their menu, but if you’re looking for a classic breakfast item their pancakes won’t let you down. You get three large fluffy Hewitt’s buttermilk pancakes with local maple syrup. Let’s support a local joint, making delicious food with local ingredients.

4. Maple Leaf Pancake House

You can’t go wrong when ‘pancake’ is in the name of the restaurant. If you can’t decide what you want to have, I recommend the Maple Leaf Special for a little bit of everything. It comes with 2 pancakes, 2 strips of bacon, 2 links of sausage, 1 egg, and if you’re feeling fancy you can add some ice cream. Classic, delicious pancakes.

3. Egg & I

My family and I would go to the Egg & I every weekend for most of my childhood, and to this day their pancakes are hard to beat. They are buttery, fluffy, and topped with your choice of fruit topping. If you lean to the saltier side of things, you can add bacon, back bacon, or sausage. To make things even better, their Lockdown Specials include a $5 stack of pancakes.

2. Saint James

I had the Blueberry Shortstack and they were delicious. It didn’t look the prettiest by the time it arrived, but the taste more than made up for it. It came with whole blueberries, whip cream, and sliced almonds. If that doesn’t do it for you, listen to some of their other featured pancakes: Hot Cross Buns, Chai Tea Stewed Apples, Tropical Sunshine, and wait for it – Dunkaroo.

1. Motel Restaurant

Motel brings a restaurant-quality experience to you, at home. I appreciate that each item is separately packaged for you to assemble. This means that they don’t turn into a soggy mess by the time they arrive on your doorsteps. I went for their famous Champagne Pancakes which are topped with Devonshire Cream, Raspberry & Pink Champagne Coulis, and gold flakes. We all deserve to eat food that is sprinkled with gold.

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