Top 5 most popular Mississauga Restaurant Recos in 2021


Published December 25, 2021 at 5:07 pm

2021 was a great year for Mississauga’s restaurant scene. Despite the pandemic, we saw a bunch of amazing new restaurants open — and thankfully, most of the city’s existing restaurants have managed to stick around.

I tried a ton of restaurants in Mississauga this year and wrote about my favourites (dubbed “Restaurant Recos”). The following five were the most viewed this year, and are all highly recommended spots to grab a bite to eat. Bon appetit!

5. Resto Reco: Best Egyptian restaurant in Mississauga combines sweet and savoury

Being Egyptian myself, I’m very glad to see Masrawy’s Egyptian Kitchen make it onto this list. Masrawy is one of the best restaurants in the city period, but especially if you’re craving some delicious and authentic Egyptian cuisine. I highly recommend the Masrawy Fusion if you want something that’s both filling and a satisfying combination of sweet and savoury.

4. Resto Reco: The best BLT sandwich and bagels in Mississauga

Whether you’re craving regular bagels or something unique, Old Bagel House is one of the best bagel joints in Mississauga, easily landing onto our Top 5 list as of December 2021. All of the bagels I tried are fantastic, but if you can only get one thing, we definitely recommend trying the BLT.


3. Resto Reco: One of Mississauga’s best pizzerias cooks their pizzas in just 90 seconds flat

Za Cafe is one of our favourite pizza joints in Mississauga, sitting at #2 on our list as of December 2021 — and well worth a try, whether you’re a hardcore Neapolitan traditionalist or just a pizza lover in general. If you’re in the mood for a lot of meat, the Meat Lover pizza is highly recommended.


2. Resto Reco: This Mississauga BBQ restaurant smokes their beef brisket for 16 hours

Mad Ox BBQ is one of the only BBQ and smokehouse restaurants in Mississauga and is known for smoking their meat low and slow, with their Angus Beef Brisket smoked for up to 16 hours and their Beef Back Ribs smoked for hours until tender. The brisket and the sides all came in big, hearty portions, making the meal feel well worth the price. Additionally, all of their meat is 100 per cent halal.

This is the very first Restaurant Reco I ever wrote, so it holds a special place in my heart — and it was definitely a great starting point!


1. Resto Reco: An Uber Eats mishap led me to discover this hidden gem Greek restaurant in Mississauga

This is still one of my favourite Restaurant Recos I’ve ever written, partly because of how completely unintentional it was. The dreaded food delivery mishap: I ordered food from one restaurant and ended up getting a completely different restaurant’s order instead. Fortunately for me, the restaurant I got was an amazing one I hadn’t discovered before — so thanks, Uber Eats!

Stavro’s Greek Restaurant & Lounge in Streetsville is a must-try if you’re looking for quality Greek food in big portions. Everything I tried was great but if you could only get one thing, I personally recommend the Souvlaki chicken sandwich.


Merry Christmas and happy eating, Mississauga! Which restaurants are you looking forward to trying in the new year?