Top 5 Bookstores to Go to Outside of Mississauga

Published October 26, 2018 at 2:32 am

In a generation where people always seem to be looking at some sort of screen, it can be nice to get away from it all every once and awhile.

There are many ways one can escape technology. 

Going for a walk, going for a drive, doing yoga, playing a sport, cooking, baking, and, you pretty much get it, the list could go on.

Me personally though, I’m a reader (and not an e-reader!).

Here are the top five bookstores to go to outside of Mississauga.

5. Westside Stories


Westside Stories is known as Hamilton’s best-used bookstore. Here customers can purchase used books in more than 70 different categories some of which include art, travel, self-help, popular fiction, cookbooks, Canadian books, classics, and more. Both the staff and atmosphere of this two-storey bookstore is very welcoming and will make you feel like you’re at home. Westside Stories is different than your average bookstore because inside there are about 30,000 different books, not 500 repeats. 

4. The Bookshelf


The Bookshelf is truly one of a kind. This bookstore is not your typical bookstore, it is a bookstore that shows movies, a cinema that serves dinner, and a restaurant bar that launches books. What more could you want? While you’re there you’ll find books, games, magazines, as well as live music, dancing, and DJs.

3. Twice Loved Books


This bookstore is fairly new, it was founded in only 2016 but is already home to around 20,000 previously owned books. Instead the store, in addition to books, you’ll find greeting cards, notebooks, tea, and more. The store also buys books from people for either cash or store credit. Twice Loved Books is open every day of the week, except Tuesdays. 

2. Book City


It’s hard to believe that a place so calm and peaceful could exist within the hustle and bustle of Toronto. The store first opened in 1976, it was founded and is still run by a family with generations of experience in the book business. Here you’ll find high-quality books for very reasonable prices. 

1.  Simcoe Street Books 


Simcoe Street Books is not your typical bookstore. It is a pop-up bookstore that is open every Friday and is conveniently located in downtown Collingwood. At this store, every Friday, you’ll find author events, story times, speakers, crafts, in addition to different, carefully curated books being sold every week. 

Photo is courtesy of Simcoe Street Books Facebook.