Top 5 biggest restaurant openings of 2021 in Mississauga


Published December 27, 2021 at 9:35 pm

Say what you will about the rest of 2021, but in terms of new restaurant openings, it was a pretty good year. We saw a bunch of exciting new restos open throughout Mississauga, including some new locations from big national or international chains.

From breakfast and brunch to fried chicken, these were the top 5 biggest restaurant openings, as decided by our readers:

5. New breakfast spot with a large patio now open in Mississauga

Canadian franchise Pür & Simple opened its first location in Mississauga this year at Heartland Town Centre. The popular breakfast and brunch restaurant serves a variety of gourmet omelettes, homemade waffles, buttermilk pancakes, sweet and savoury crepes, avocado toast and more. They also have burgers (beef and chicken), grilled cheese, a chicken wrap called the “Cluck Norris”, and even steak tacos on their lunch menu.

As for drinks, Pür & Simple offers a selection of coffee, smoothies, cocktails, and more.

4. Toronto pizza joint opens brand new location in Mississauga

You can never have too much good pizza, which is why we were glad to see Pizza Shab, a growing brand that offers deep-dish Halal pizzas, open a new location in the Dundas and Hurontario area. The King St. E. restaurant marks the company’s first foray into Mississauga.

As far as food goes, the restaurant – which operates locations in Toronto and Richmond Hill – offers a variety of pan pizzas in large, medium and small sizes. Some varieties include a beef lover’s pizza, a chicken lover’s pizza, an Angus steak pizza, a grilled chicken pizza, a veggie pizza and more.


3. Doner kebab chain opens Mississauga location

A döner kebab chain with a Quebec influence — Champion Döner Kebab — opened a location in Mississauga in the summer. The restaurant serves a German-Turkish halal menu at 2555 Dixie Rd near Dundas. The chain’s other Southern Ontario location is in Vaughan.

Like shawarma, the meat is sliced thinly from a vertical rotisserie grill, and can be part of a pita, flatbread sandwich or plate, sometimes on top of of bed of fries. Meats and vegetables can also be place on a pide, which is a boat-shaped flatbread.


2. New Turkish restaurant opens in south Mississauga to rave reviews

A new restaurant that offers classic Turkish cuisine opened to some satisfied customers in the Clarkson area of Mississauga. Agha Turkish Restaurant & Café, located at 1971 Lakeshore Rd. W., just east of Southdown Rd., serves up classic items including a variety of meat dishes and Turkish desserts and coffees. 

Starting with an appetizer menu that includes a simple humus dish, sarma, eggplant salad, baba ghanoush and more and continuing with any of a wide range of main courses featuring beef, meatballs, chicken, fish and other seafood, and kebabs, the experience is authentically Turkish.

1. International fried chicken chain opens its first Canadian location in Mississauga

In July, ChickQueen opened its first Canadian location at 5130 Dixie Road in Mississauga. It’s the Canadian master franchise of the Chicking family, which currently operates over 180 locations in more than 20 countries.

They’re a quick-service concept known for marinating their fully Halal chicken in a trademarked blend of herbs and spices and serving it either fried or grilled. The menu includes classic buckets of fried and grilled chicken, burgers, wraps, chicken wings and bites, and chicken rolls in a range of flavours inspired by other cultures around the world.


Which restaurant were you most excited to see open in Mississauga in 2021?

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