Resto Reco: This Port Credit resto has some of the best pizza in Mississauga


Published July 18, 2021 at 7:38 pm

It’s been at least a couple of weeks since my last pizza review — what better time to review another hidden gem pizza restaurant in Mississauga?

This time I decided to try Blondies Pizza in Port Credit, otherwise known as that small, cute pink building on Stavebank Road that you may have driven past before. They also have multiple locations in Toronto and one in Oakville.

Blondies promises fresh toppings, fermented dough made from scratch, and full-fat mozzarella cheese. Their unique menu includes Red pizzas (tomato sauce made from Californian tomatoes), Blonde pizzas (which instead use Alfredo style sauce), or the ability to customize your pizza entirely. The menu also has gluten-free options and speciality salads.


For this review I tried one of their Red pizzas, creatively named ‘Don’t Think, Sparkle!’: Venetian salami, chicken sausage, bacon, and ground beef.

This pizza absolutely did not disappoint. All of the toppings tasted fresh and full of flavour, and their crispiness contrasted very well with the overall softness of the dough. The meat, tomato sauce, and the generous amount of mozzarella cheese all contributed to the amazing taste of the pizza.

I got my pizza with some black garlic dipping sauce, which packed a lot of zesty flavour, but they also offer ranch and hot honey sauce.


While the pizza itself was great, I was definitely surprised at just how much work Blondies puts into having a “fun” image, which you don’t typically expect from a pizzeria.

The pizza came in a bright pink box with white polka dots (making it hands down the prettiest pizza box I’ve ever seen), and all of their pizzas have fun, unique names. Just look at “Drake Was Here”, “Scarlet Sunrise” and “Twin Pines Heartbreak” and tell me those names don’t grab your attention!


Blondies Pizza is a fantastic pizza joint in Mississauga and I’m excited to eventually try some of their other popular menu items. If you like a lot of meat on your pizza, then we definitely recommend trying “Don’t Think, Sparkle!” for yourself.