Resto Reco: An Uber Eats mishap led me to discover this hidden gem Greek restaurant in Mississauga


Published July 11, 2021 at 10:07 pm

It’s every Uber Eats customer’s worst nightmare: Having the popular food delivery app completely mess up your order.

That was what happened to me on a fateful Saturday afternoon when I opened my door and found a takeout bag on my porch, expecting it to be my order from Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen — only to find that I’d instead gotten somebody else’s order of Greek food from Stavro’s Greek Restaurant & Lounge in Streetsville.

Uber didn’t offer much help beyond a refund, meaning I was stuck with this completely different order. I couldn’t be too mad, though, since the food I got instead ended up being incredible!

For those who aren’t familiar with Stavro’s, the Greek restaurant opened in Streetsville in 2017 near the intersection of Main and Queen Street. The restaurant promises authentic Greek cuisine that’s cooked from scratch with quality ingredients. They’ve also got a newer location at Dixie Rd and Courtneypark Dr.


My mixed-up order contained three of Stavro’s popular menu items: The souvlaki chicken sandwich, medium Stavros on the rocks (I got beef and lamb but you can also get it with chicken or pork), and some dolmadakia — a Greek dish of grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs.

I tried the souvlaki chicken sandwich first and absolutely loved it. The large, juicy pieces of chicken were perfectly grilled and tasted great with the onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce. Usually, when a wrap comes this loaded there’s a high chance of it coming apart as you eat, but the thick Greek pita kept everything held together nicely.

The dolmadakia came in 12 pieces on lettuce and made for a tasty appetizer with a strong, zesty flavour. Lastly, the Stavros on the rocks had a surprisingly large serving of fluffy rice, topped with a ton of beef, lamb, and tzatziki sauce (made with pressed Greek yogurt, fresh garlic and cucumber). The meat was tender and flavourful, and the sauce tasted as good here as it did in the souvlaki sandwich.


“Generous portions” seems to be the name of the game with Stavro’s. Whether it was the souvlaki sandwich or the Stavros on the rocks, the restaurant doesn’t hold back on piling plenty of meat into their dishes, and the quality definitely matched the quantity. Additionally, Stavro’s says their food is made fresh from scratch, and all of their ingredients come from Ontario farms.


Stavro’s in Streetsville is a must-try if you’re looking for quality Greek food in big portions. Everything I tried was great but if you could only get one thing, I personally recommend the Souvlaki chicken sandwich.