Restaurant Reco: The best Hakka joint in Mississauga


Published November 19, 2021 at 7:31 pm

How much do you know about Hakka? Compared to some other types of cuisine it’s definitely not as well-known, which is a shame because well-cooked Hakka is amazing every time.

Hakka cuisine is a style of Chinese cooking with Indian tastes and spices. It typically focuses on the texture of the food and the use of preserved meats and vegetables, with dishes that are fairly simple in appearance but oh-so-tasty. As you’d expect, it’s a product of the Hakka people of northern China, many of whom have since migrated to various countries around the world, including Canada.

If you’re craving good Hakka in Mississauga, Chilli Chicken House (located at the corner of Creditview and Burnhamthorpe) is a must-try. The restaurant boasts an extensive menu of chicken and beef dishes, pakoras, rice, noodles, seafood and veggie dishes. They also have a Brampton location at 7700 Hurontario St.


For this review I tried two of Chilli Chicken House’s most popular dishes: The Manchurian chicken (which comes with a side of rice) and the Special Fried Rice with veggies, chicken and shrimp.

The smell of the Manchurian chicken had my mouth watering as soon as it reached my nostrils, and the taste was even better. It’s a dish of perfectly seasoned pieces of fried chicken, which are tossed in a sweet and savoury sauce that tastes absolutely amazing. The chicken pairs great with the fluffy white rice, and comes with delicious hot sauce on the side for those who love a spicy kick (just keep a napkin handy for your forehead). I got the Manchurian chicken dry but you can choose to get it with gravy.

Then there’s the Special Fried Rice, which is a dish of fried rice tossed with a variety of veggies (carrots, peas and onions), chicken and shrimp. I’m of the opinion that it’s hard to do fried rice wrong, and Chilli Chicken House definitely proves me right on that front — the rice is well-seasoned, and the pieces of chicken and shrimp tasted delicious and fresh. If you love a well-rounded dish with multiple types of meat, the Special Fried Rice is for you.


As far as quantity goes, this restaurant absolutely doesn’t hold back on piling as much delicious food onto your plate as it can hold. The container of fried rice was almost filled to the brim, and the dish of Manchurian chicken had more than enough pieces of chicken to keep me satisfied (which is saying a lot, because this is some extremely flavourful chicken that’s hard to stop eating once you start!).


Chilli Chicken House is a must-try for good Hakka food, and despite some serious competition in Mississauga, it currently sits at the very top of our Top 5 Hakka Restaurants list. If you’re craving some authentic and flavourful food, I definitely recommend getting the Manchurian chicken or special fried rice — or both, if you’re in the mood to eat a ton and still have leftovers to enjoy later.

  1. Chilli Chicken House