Popular Korean-style hotdogs joint coming to Mississauga


Published May 6, 2021 at 8:29 pm

A new restaurant that brings an Asian flare to hotdogs is coming to Mississauga.

Chungchun Rice Dog, which already has three locations in Toronto, is expanding westward to Mississauga.

The restaurant specializes in a popular, Korean street food called Korean rice dogs, which resemble North American corn dogs.

The menu includes the original Chungchun—a hotdog on a stick dipped in batter and fried on the spot—as well as the cheddar cheese hotdog, which is similar to the original, but the hotdog is wrapped in a layer of cheddar cheese, the mozzarella cheese hotdog—which appears similar to a large mozzarella stick—and the squid ink cheese hotdog, which is a hotdog wrapped in mozzarella cheese and coated in a special batter made with squid ink.

The restaurant also served desert options, including the chocolate hotdog, which is a batter made with icing sugar and cinnamon sugar wrapped around a chocolate filling.

  1. Chungchun Rice Dog