Popular Community Hub and Cafe Seeking New Home in Mississauga


Published November 29, 2016 at 5:20 am

If you’re a regular at Mississauga’s popular Studio 89 social space and community hub, you might want to know that it’s seeking a new home.

The hub, which currently resides in a tucked away location far removed from walking traffic, is operated by the youth-led non-profit YTGA and supported by grants and donations along with profits gleaned from the sale of fairtrade and organic cafe goods.

“Currently, our financial situation is such that we are reliant on grants and not completely self-sustainable. Our community space is very active and our visitors often request more programming which requires more space,” explains Studio 89 representative Zehra Abbas. “Our space is simply not big enough for some of the current events and programs we are hosting.”

In terms of programming, Studio 89 offers board game nights, writer’s workshops, book sales and artistic events.

In 2017, Studio 89 operators plan to ask the city to provide municipal space so the popular establishment can expand its programming and welcome more residents.

Staff are hoping for a more visible space in an area with a little more foot traffic and transit access.

“We are confident that increased capacity will help us achieve sustainability as well, making us less dependant on donations.”

A move will be particularly beneficial for Studio 89’s target demographic–young people.

“Although the variety of our events cater to and enjoy participation of all ages, youth are our main target audience. We have a strong focus on youth leadership, skill development, and employment. In fact, we only employ youth at Studio.89,” says Abbas.

Abbas says staff hopes to honor visitor’s requests by including a co-working space, a youth entrepreneurship incubator, recording studio and more. The studio is also asking people where they would like to see the hub located.

“We are currently conducting a survey so we can learn more about exactly where the need in Mississauga lies so we can approach city council in the New Year with our request.”

So, Mississauga – where would you like to see Studio 89 set up shop?

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