Popular chain chicken place opens in Square One in Mississauga


Published January 8, 2024 at 5:53 pm

No matter the language, chicken remains a staple menu option wherever you go. Now Mississauga’s Square One has a new restaurant that adds a French twist.

Poulet Rouge —a restaurant offering its customers a build-your-own-bowl experience is officially open for business. The location had previously captured attention while under renovation in the Square One food court, but an opening date wasn’t clear.

However, Poulet Rouge announced the restaurant was officially open for business on Jan. 5.

According to the restaurant’s website, it was originally founded in Quebec in 2012 when two friends opened a small restaurant which eventually underwent some rebranding in 2014— simplifying its menu to focus on tender grilled chicken fillets marinated in a secret family recipe.

They’ve since expanded into numerous locations in their home province and recently began an Ontario expansion. They now have four locations in Ontario including, Markville, three in Ottawa and now Mississauga.

In each bowl, patrons will find halal grilled chicken tenders, a choice from a diverse selection of 16 toppings, three different grain choices, and 7 distinct sauces. The restaurant boasts over 4,444 different bowl combinations.

Some of the fresh toppings include corn, onions, spinach, beans, tomatoes and cucumbers. The grain options include brown rice, quinoa and bulgur wheat.

If you’re feeling extra hungry you might want to opt into trying a Canadian favourite —poutine, which is paired with homemade fries and the classic gravy and cheese curds. For an extra charge, customers can add up to three toppings.

With files from Suzanna Dutt