PO-TA-TOES: Specialty potato restaurant brings the spuds to Hamilton


Published February 26, 2024 at 5:36 pm

Long ago, Samwise Gamgee, bravest of Hobbits explained the versatility of the potato; “boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew.” Nowadays potato lovers have a few more options, many courtesy of Mississauga’s Potato Bar which has now expanded into Hamilton.

This time last year, the Potato Bar opened its first location. The idea sprouted when the A.V. brothers were brainstorming ways, “to introduce comfort food that is new and fresh to celebrate the diversity of cultures in our community,” the Potato Bar explains on their website.

“As we were brainstorming in the basement (where all great ideas come from), my brother shouted ‘potatoes’ and continued to say ‘I wish I was a potato.’ I asked ‘Why potatoes?’ he said ‘Well who doesn’t love potatoes and it goes with everything.'”

A few years later the brothers had partnered with local farmers to open the Potato Bar, “It is also important to us that we help and support our local farmers. The unique approach of farm-to-table would not be possible without them.

At Potato Bar, all potatoes are supplied from Prince Edward Island, and guests can choose between smoked potatoes or fresh hand-cut fries. From there, they’ll be able to either build their own dish with their personal choice of toppings and sauces or pick between “potato majors” (also known as the spot’s signature dishes).

This is where that versatility Gamgee mentioned comes in. These potato majors are mostly baked and mashed potatoes, but the customization runs the gamut from a potato hot dog, a mac and cheese-loaded potato, a Philly cheese-steak potato to Nashville chicken stuffed potato, and more.

Customers can also “be their own boss” and build their potatoes and toppings from scratch. The Potato Bar also offers a tater-tot menu with Alabama, Cheesy, Poutine, Veggie and Volcano options. They also have a wing and fry menu with the major hits like Texas BBQ and Honey Garlic.

Of course, no potato joint is complete without fries. The Potato Bar also serves several loaded fry dishes Cluckin, Big Loaded, Poutine and Fries Nachoo.

The Hamilton Potato Bar opens at 267 Upper Centennial Pkwy. at noon on March 1. All items are 20 per cent off and the first 50 customers get one free dish.