One of Mississauga’s Most Popular Pubs Shuts Down


Published November 22, 2018 at 8:49 pm

No one likes to lose a local watering hole.

But if a new one is coming to replace it, the loss isn’t quite as hard.

Belfast Lounge, the Dixie and Eglinton pub that served local patrons for close to 20 years, is no longer with us.

The pub was number one on our list of Top 5 Pubs and it stood the test of time because it genuinely felt like a bonafide, authentic Irish pub (the kind you would actually find in Ireland). Not only did it offer a more upscale atmosphere than you’d expect, it was also known for truly delicious food.

But while Belfast Lounge will most certainly be missed, you might be relieved to hear that a new pub is taking its place.

According to signage outside of the resto, the Green Goose Pub is set to take the space over in the not-too-distant future.

While there isn’t a ton of information about the new pub kicking around online just yet, a recent LinkedIn post indicates that the establishment is looking for full and part-time servers and bartenders.

Will you be checking out the new pub when it opens?