Niagara Falls Downtown BIA now has two hand-painted baby grand pianos to play


Published August 26, 2021 at 3:45 pm

The Niagara Falls Downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA) said today (August 26) that the two baby grand pianos they had enlisted local artists to paint are finished and ready for tourists and residents to play.

“As everyone knows, it’s been a difficult year and we’re hoping that the pianos will put smiles on peoples’ faces and add some spirit to downtown.,” said the BIA.

The pianos are located outside of The Hub at 4333 Queen Street and the BIA office at 4605 Queen Street.

“We’d like to send a huge thank you to local artists, Andrea Letourneau and Megan Jesik, for doing a beautiful job painting two grand pianos for our downtown core,” the BIA added.

“We were incredibly impressed with their creativity and individuality, and we know that once you see these photos, you’ll want to come play piano downtown.”

Jesik said her hummingbird, flower and bee themed art came from both her grandparents and her own interests.

“I did the hummingbird because my Grandma loves to watch them in her garden. She always makes sure they have food and my Grandpa makes sure they have a beautiful garden to be in,” the artist said.

As for the bees and the flowers, “I took a lot of inspiration from bees, they are so very important and misunderstood. I wanted to create a beautiful scene of multiple different colours and types of flowers that you can find all around. You cannot have the beauty of a flower without the bee.”

Letourneau said she took a clean slate approach to her art. “A white piano, with the retro findings of simplistic flowers and a ‘Choose Love’ quote in four colours,” she said.

“In the midst of all the madness, all I can think of was to evoke love, to choose love, to choose kindness. I want those who sit, play, take pictures or simply look at this piano to see – simplicity, simplicity of colours, of calligraphy and of nature.”