Niagara-area restaurant open since 1957 closes its doors for good


Published July 17, 2023 at 12:51 pm

Yesterday (July 16), the doors were shut for the final time at Wainfleet’s iconic Bruce’s 2×4 Diner.

Owner/chef Kyle Bruce went on Facebook to thank the community for its loyal patronage.

“We took a chance, tried our best, it wasn’t in the cards,” said Bruce, who owned the diner with his wife, Brooke. “We want to thank our staff, our suppliers and our supportive customers.”

Located at one of Wainfleet’s busiest intersections, right at the corner of Regional Road 24 and Regional Road 27 (72004 Regional Rd 27), the restaurant was known for serving up some of the best breakfast and lunches in the area.

“Thank you for supporting our silly dream,” Bruce said, getting a flood of responses to the effect of “No dream is silly.”

“All who availed themselves of your wonderful dream were well fed and privileged,” said one poster. “Thanks for your investment in our kids – they are better people for it.”

Another noted, “Kyle, thank-you so much for blessing those of us who enjoyed your meals and the ambiance of your cozy restaurant, and listened as you shared of your plans and dreams. You will be missed, more than you know.”

Another offered up a supportive message. “Please also know that your dream was NOT silly! It is another step on your journey’s path. Wishing you the very best as you journey forward.”

Naturally, the food and staff got plenty of praise with one noting, “Oh no, wishing you and your family all the best in your next adventure, thanks for the chats, and the many breakfasts and lunches, you will be missed.”

Noted another, “The food and staff were top notch here. My family loved this place and we will definitely miss it.”

Food blogger Mary Mammoliti, who is partially sighted, got a chance to talk to Bruce on her vlog, “Dish With Mary,” earlier this year and interviewed Bruce and Brooke about how he came to own the 2X4 Diner.