Mural depicting old-time postcard in downtown Niagara Falls bears familiar message


Published August 19, 2021 at 8:07 pm

As visitors get more and more comfortable going Downtown Niagara Falls, they are about to stumble upon a greeting that will be hard to forget.

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati noted that local artist Elaine Wallis has painted many murals as well as merchant signs along Queen Street over the years “but this ‘Wish You Were Here’ project is special, personal and reflective of the times.”

The mural, depicting a 1950s-style postcard, uses the four most common words written on them.

“Although many people no longer send postcards and instead share pictures with one another,” said Diodati, “Elaine wanted to write a love letter to our City, our residents and to our visitors to share with others.”

Diodati said his fun photo op with Wallis and her crew was “representative of the Downtown Niagara Falls vibe and invites interaction and rekindling after we’ve spent the past year missing friends and family and are longing for connection.”

The mural is located in the parking lot at Queen Street and Erie Avenue behind Camp Cataract.

Said Diodati: “Elaine and her team did an awesome job. I wish you were all here to see it in person so come check it out yourself.”

(Photos courtesy of Jim Diodati)