Iconic restaurant sign falls over and smashes cars in Mississauga, Ontario


Published January 14, 2024 at 7:42 pm

An old business sign landed on a parked car in a Mississauga plaza yesterday, creating an unexpected and unusual sight.

A pylon sign, featuring John Anderson Charcoal Broil Hamburgers and other nearby businesses like Burger Bros and Berto’s Filipino Restaurant was sitting on top of a BMW.

The rusted sign, steps away from the intersection at Dundas St. West and Erindale Station Road, lay on its side in the busy plaza with several cars occupying the parking lot.

A closer look at the image reveals that the John Anderson diner, situated just across from the incident, suggests that the large display may have fallen during their operational hours, as their “open” sign appeared illuminated.

Insauga.com reached out to Peel Regional Police regarding the incident and were told that there were no reports on file.

r/mississauga - John Anderson sign blew over

A Reddit user snapped photos of the aftermath of the incident, however, no one in the comment section witnessed the sign fall or knew what caused the sign tumble onto the car.

Many Redditor’s believe the windy weather might have caused the sign to topple over.

Though the sign gave way and met its demise, the John Anderson diner has stood for over 50 years, serving locals various comfort foods including burgers, fries and breakfast.

Though, it wasn’t uncommon for someone to spot a celebrity either—a Rockstar at that. The Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards, would occasionally walk in and grab a bite.

r/mississauga - John Anderson sign blew over

Photo credits courtesy of reddit user: MNDOOOM

As per this mishap, it is unclear whether anyone was inside the vehicle when the sign struck it or if anyone in the area was injured.

With Files from Declan Finucane.