5 things to do in Hamilton to lift you out of winter doldrums


Published January 17, 2020 at 4:56 pm

This time of year can be kind of a drag: we’re coming off the highs of the holidays only to be thrown into the misery that is the long winter months.

In fact, this Monday (Jan. 20), is known as ‘Blue Monday’. The third Monday in January is considered the ‘most depressing’ day of the year.

So is there anything you can do to help pull yourself out of these winter doldrums?

There are a number of places to go and things to see in Hamilton that can lift your spirits and brighten any dreary winter day.

Here are 5 things to do in Hamilton that will help get you through winter.

5. Visit Hamilton museums

We have a lot of museums and some of them you can get into for free if you have a Hamilton Public Library Card (check ahead for who accepts your HPL card for admission). There’s the Museum of Steam and Technology, Dundurn Castle, Children’s Museum, the AGH and many others around the city. Some museums even offer special programming throughout the winter months for children or for adults looking to flex the creative part of their brain. Exploring Hamilton’s museums will get you out of the house and will expose you to some things you don’t see every day. What’s more enlightening in the winter than enlightening yourself?

4. Indoor play places
Now, I feel like this time of year can be particularly challenging for parents of young children — the ones that aren’t quite old enough yet to entertain themselves. When you’re cooped up inside, it leads to cabin fever for both kids and parents (I mean, how many times can we watch The Lion King before our heads explode?). So, why not head out to one of Hamilton’s many indoor play places? There are the play places that are geared towards more playground play with ball pits and slides and climbers (ie: Zoom Zoom’s, Jungle Hut, Amazing Adventures, etc), or the play places geared towards more creative play where kids can dress up and put on a play or pretend run a restaurant (Playville, Pearl Hummingbird, etc). This isn’t necessarily indulgent for parents but getting your kids out of your hair for an hour or two and seeing them play with a smile on their face can certainly improve one’s mood.

3. Take in some theatre

The winter months are a busy time for Hamilton’s theatres and the city is home to a number of world-class theatre companies filled with incredibly talented people putting on some really amazing productions. Theatre Aquarius, The Players Guild of Hamilton Inc., Hamilton Theatre Inc., and the Waterdown Village Theatre are just some of the companies putting on productions this winter. Theatre definitely has the power to set your spirits soaring, so why not take this opportunity to support local arts and treat yourself?

2. Visit the Gage Park Greenhouse
This has always been a beautiful spot to catch some tropical vibes in the dead of winter and since it was rebuilt, it’s an even lovelier spot to relax, warm up and look at some beautiful flowers and plants. There are plenty of spots to sit down and soak up the sounds of the little waterfalls and breath in the earthy smells that are reminiscent of more summery days to come. The Gage Park Greenhouse is like our own little oasis in the desert of winter.

1. Check out Hamilton’s comedy scene

There is no shortage of comedic talent in the city and there are several venues that highlight them. This is the perfect time of year to head out to Levity — where headliners include nationally and internationally acclaimed comics as well as Hamilton’s own funny people. There are also local improv groups appearing regularly at the Staircase and a number of bars and breweries that host open mic nights that also feature some of Hamilton’s more seasoned comedians. Comedy is alive and well in this city and what better way to lift your spirits than through laughter?