5 Surreal Conservation Areas Near Brampton

Published June 7, 2019 at 4:31 pm

Ontario is known for its beautiful outdoor space and greenery.

Though Ontario is home to many conservation areas, there are a few that stick out amongst others. Sightseers can go to such areas to experience nature, hike, walk their dog or just view the surreal locations.

Some of these conservation areas boast epic waterfalls, ponds and trails, while some are just known for their unique name.

And if you’ve ever wondered what locations you should visit this summer, consider your curiosity sated – we found out for you.

Here are five surreal conservation areas near Brampton.

5. Rock Glen Conservation Area

Located in a small municipality of Lambton Shores, this conservation area is a unique island of nature with many trees, plants, and wildlife that are distinct to this area. The park also boats the Arkona Lions Museum, which has a collection of fossils and aboriginal artifacts. By following the stairs, boardwalks and bridges, viewers can explore a 10.7-metre high waterfall. Visitors have also found many fossils that date back 350 million years.

Photo courtesy of Waterfalls of Ontario/Mark Harris.

4. Elora Gorge Conservation Area

Located in the Grand River Valley, many people acclaim that this conservation area is one of the most spectacular natural areas in Ontario. The conservation area promises hiking trails, fishing opportunities and one of the best tubing experiences in the province. The conservation area is home to 22-metre high cliffs, riverside trails, and scenic overlooks.

Photo courtesy of Tracks and Trails.

3. Belfountain Conservation Area

Located near the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, this is one of the prettiest conservation areas in Ontario. It is home to rushing rivers and many small waterfalls. People can also walk beside streams and wooded area, making this a great place to visit in the autumn, spring or summer. Belfountain also has a suspension bridge, flower gardens, a newly renovated terrace area and a historic fountain. According to their website, people can also partake in yoga, Shinrin Yoku (forest breathing) and nature retreats with the Humans in Nature.

Photo courtesy of CVC.

2. Spencer Gorge Conservation Area

Known for its panoramas and forested depths of the gorge, Spencer Gorge Conservation Area is one of the most unique places in the province. It exhibits the physical features of the Niagara Escarpment, which is one of the most spectacular geological formations. The conservation area is home to the Webster and Tew Falls waterfalls that are both around 40 metres high. According to many people who visit the area, it is the best hiking place to experience nature and see beautiful sights.

Photo courtesy of Conservation Hamilton. 

1. Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area

Not only does this conservation area have a unique name, but the location is as different as it sounds. Located in the beautiful Niagara Escarpment, this truly has one of the most unforgettable sights. The conservation area consists of colourful layers of rock, which was formed during the last Ice Age. The area is also home to the Upper (33.8 metres high ribbon waterfall) and Lower Punchbowl Falls (5.5 metres high). Not to mention, people can see down to a bottomless gorge from the top of the rocks. Hikers can also walk through forests, boardwalks and long trails when exploring this area.

Photo courtesy of City of Waterfalls. 

Cover photo courtesy of Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority.