5 Strange Places to Book Your Stay Outside of Mississauga

Published September 27, 2019 at 8:02 pm

Finding a place to stay outside of Mississauga can be an adventure on its own. There are many strange places you can stay outside the city, from old jails, treehouses, to monasteries, and beyond.

Here are five unique places you could spend the night outside of Mississauga.

5) Gladstone Hotel

Feel artsy? The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto literally allows you to get in bed with art. It’s Toronto’s oldest continually operating hotel, and the concept is incredible. Full of art, culture, and events, here, you can sleep in a room designed by a local art, eat and drink artistically crafted food and beverages, see art exhibitions, and party all night, all at one hotel. Break out of the cookie-cutter hotel room design and book at the Gladstone if you want to stay somewhere unique but not too out of the ordinary.

Photo courtesy of the Gladstone’s website

4) The Monastery B&B

Located in the town of Bracebridge in Muskoka, The Monastery is – you guessed it – actually an old monastery that you can stay at! This 1.4-acre site is on a section of a historic monastery property in a quaint residential area, so if you’re looking for somewhere unique and elegant to stay, this might be a good option for you. The monastery was in order of Anglican brothers, The Society of Saint John the Evangelist, ministered to the region from 1928-1983. Divided into three residences in 1988, the centre secion is topped with a working bell tower and has been renovated into a 4,000 sq. ft. home.

Photo courtesy of owners on Google Maps

3) Pod Camping

So you’re looking to go camping without the hassle of pitching a tent – it’s possible! Long Point Eco-Adventures on the north shore of Lake Erie is about a two-hour drive, and the organization offers camping pods for rent. Basically, the pods are small, cozy and rustic sleeping shelters that are fully furnished, with sliding glass doors, private decks, and you’ll get a  full hot buffet breakfast in the morning. Talk about enjoying the outdoors with a few home comforts.

Photo courtesy of Long Point Eco-Adventures website

2) The Treehouse

Okay, if you’re not feeling pod camping and you want to be a little more outdoorsy, you should definitely check out the Treehouse in Perth. You’ll literally make your childhood dreams of sleeping in a treehouse come true. This eco-treehouse took about three years to build, and it’s made of almost exclusively recycled materials. Each item in this home is unique, and you can even escape to a getaway higher up in the trees that’s only accessible by swing bridge. This one’s for the real adventurers.

Photo courtesy of owners on Airbnb

1) HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

For anyone who has ever been curious about staying the night in a jail, this hostel is an epic choice for you. Ottawa’s jail hostel is located inside of a 150-year old former jail, and it might even be haunted! You’ll sleep among stone walls and iron doors, and you can even sleep in solitary confinement. Historic double cells, twin jail cells, and authentic jail cells are all available based on your preference, and don’t worry…you can leave whenever you want. Byward Market and Parliament buildings are not too far away.

Photo courtesy of Ottawa Jail Hostel on Facebook