5 Retail Openings in Brampton in 2016

Published December 27, 2016 at 1:01 am

With Christmas officially behind us and Boxing Week sales in full swing, you might still be hitting the shops and malls pretty hard (especially if you have gift cards or holiday money burning a hole in your pocket).

While there’s no doubt lots of shopping to look forward to this week, it’s even more fun to look back on some great new stores that opened in Brampton this year to make pre and post-holiday shopping just a little more fun.

Here’s a look at five big retail openings that excited Brampton shoppers in 2016 (in no particular order).

5) Amazon Distribution Centre

While you can’t exactly shop here, the new Amazon distribution centre has made it possible for you to receive same-day orders over $25 (and if that doesn’t make online shopping more convenient, I don’t know what does). The October opening was also enhanced by the appearance of none other than comely Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who proudly announced that the Brampton facility would create more than 700 jobs.

4) Restyle Consignment 

This year, Brampton welcomed a very cool consignment store to its downtown core. Restyle Consignment, located at 59 Main Street North, offers enticing deals on a range of designer goods, including clothing, accessories, jewellery, purses, furniture and home decor. While the store is certainly a boon for consumers, it’s also great for residents who want to make a little money off high-quality and well cared for items they no longer want (consigners get up to 50 per cent of the sale price of their items, depending on what those items are). 

So if you want a deal on a higher-end good or you want help selling something of value, you can learn more here.

3) Torrid

This year, Bramalea City Centre welcomed Torrid–a fashion-forward retail outlet that specializes in size 10-30 women’s clothing. The store sells everything from everyday apparel to lingerie and accessories and it hit the ground running by offering an early Black Friday sale and a $500 grand opening prize for one very lucky shopper.

2) Sephora

It was a big year for the chic Bramalea City Centre, as it also welcomed Sephora–the popular makeup mecca that’s full of acclaimed cosmetic brands and vast (but fast moving) lineups. The opening was exciting because the brand offers an incredible selection of products for both men and women and gives Brampton residents just one more reason not to leave town for their retail needs.

1) Topshop/Topman

If you’re a big fan of chic U.K. retailer Topshop/Topman, you were probably pretty happy when the brand came to Bramalea City Centre. The store opened in November and now takes up some prime real estate in the mall’s Hudson Bay store. Topshop sells apparel for both men and women and offers shoppers a plethora of blingy dresses and skirts, non-blingy dresses and skirts, tops, pants, undergarments, shoes and accessories. It’s pre-holiday opening was pretty exciting for residents (some of whom no doubt got some sweet Topshop gift cards for Christmas).