5 Parks to Walk Your Dog in Mississauga

Published April 18, 2019 at 7:24 pm

Although this hasn’t been the hottest spring thus far (in Canada, spring is rarely balmy, to be fair), the warm weather is on route and that means it’s time to start planning some outdoor activities.

And if you have a dog, you might want to start thinking about which parks and trails you should be taking him or her to over the spring, summer and fall months (or even winter, if you and your dog are the hardier types).

Here’s a look at some local parks and trails you’ll want to visit with your canine companion soon.

5) Riverwood

This area sounds elvish and fantastical and while it doesn’t really evoke images of mythical landscapes (it’s far truer to Mississauga’s indigenous roots in terms of look and feel), it is pretty special. Located in central Mississauga along the east bank of the Credit River, the Riverwood property comprises 60 hectares of space and boasts Visual Arts Mississauga (VAM) and The Riverwood Conservancy (TRC). If you love art, you’ll be happy to know that VAM offers programs for people of all ages. If it’s learning you’re after, TRC offers educational programs for students, families and adults. This place is absolutely ideal for photography, so feel free to snap some shots of the picturesque location on your phone while exploring the property. This place also hosts a festival for dogs once a year, and is perfectly dog-friendly all-year-round.

4) Culham Trail

A 12 kilometre (km) multi-use trail that starts in Erindale Park and extends north of Britannia Road to PineCliff Park. It provides scenic views of the Credit River and access to city parks such as Riverwood and Streetsville Memorial Park. If you have a dog, you’ll want to walk the massive pathway that sits beside UTM and visit the park that follows the Credit River. It’s a great place to go exploring, as you can find yourself following a dirt trail into a place only few have been. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon hidden forest clearings or the remains of a house that used to call that park home.


3) Lakefront Promenade Park

Situated along Mississauga’s waterfront, Lakefront Promenade Park contains the Waterfront Trail that spans across Mississauga and beyond. This park is also home to Lakefront Promenade Marina, where you can take in the sights of boats docking or setting sail during the late spring and summer months. A weekend in the summer here is always busy with kids, dogs and ice-cream! If you’ve got a young one, a dog and no plan for the day, grab some snacks and head to the park. There’s a splash pad too, where you could comfortably leave your kid and find a spot to read with your dog while you wait. It’s also a great spot to take a stroll along. And, a trip here almost always ends with a cone from an ice-cream truck that’s always around.

2) Jack Darling Memorial Park

Another waterfront park found in Mississauga, Jack Darling Memorial Park provides plenty of green space to walk and play on. What’s more exciting for your dog is the leash-free zone for them to enjoy an off-leash run with other dogs. Also, you might not realize this, but Jack Darling offers bona fide beaches (while people rarely associated Mississauga with beaches, we have some) that can accommodate up to 1,000 people. The spacious outdoor region also offers picnic areas, barbecues, a playground, washrooms, a spray pad, two tennis courts and a toboggan hill. Since the park is large, it also provides ample space for independent sports play (soccer, etc) and a plethora of walking and biking trails. There are two picnic areas (Picnic Area A and Picnic Area B) that seat 75 people each and offer drinking water.


1) Lake Aquitaine / Lake Wabukayne Trail

Start off at Meadowvale Community Centre and Library and choose your walking adventure between Lake Aquitaine Trail or Lake Wabukayne Trail. These two trails, which your dog will absolutely love, run 3.4 km and 4.2 km respectively, with plenty of natural areas that connect through neighbourhoods. If you follow one of these two trails, it’ll take you to parks overlooking a lake. If you’re the type that’s always looking for something to do, then fishing might be ideal. In the middle of the city, the lake has picturesque views. The lake is a spot for an annual fishing festival too, as it naturally produces a population of sunfish, rock bass and perch. You could also opt to explore the Aquitaine Trail, where you can walk or bike. The park also boasts an in-line skating on the trail!


When out walking your dog, please remember to keep them leashed – unless in a designated off-leash area – and to stoop and scoop after them. Please also remember to discard any dog waste in the designated garbage bin or use one of the city’s new in-ground dog waste containers.

For a list of leash-free zones in Mississauga, visit mississauga.ca/leashfree

Information and cover photo courtesy of the City of Mississauga