5 Most Shocking Restaurant Closings of 2018


Published December 21, 2018 at 10:02 pm

While Mississauga has a fantastic–and growing restaurant scene–it occasionally loses beloved gems that we never expected to close.

While 2018 was a great year for Mississauga in terms of some big-name openings, it was also a year with a few losses.

This year, we said goodbye to a sexy, Hooters-esque resto, a popular dessert hotspot, a beloved Irish pub and a trendy bar.

Here are five restaurants who shocked us when they shuttered their doors for good in 2018.

5) The Tilted Kilt

At some point in 2018, the Tilted Kilt–a well-known “breastaurant” that was known for its scantily-clad waitresses and its pub fare–shuttered its doors for good. The resto opened to some fanfare in the Enfield Place plaza near Square One in 2015, but didn’t manage to become a Mississauga mainstay. But while it’s always sad to lose a casual dining joint, it looks like the Tilted Kilt’s old haunt won’t be empty for long. Signage indicates that a new nightlife spot called The Wave Bar + Lounge is slated to take its spot in the not-too-distant- future.

4) Dunk’n Dip Port Credit

In the summer, we found out that Dunk’n Dip, the popular restaurant that’s known for serving both unique desserts (think waffles, crepes, cakes and more) and a slew of savoury items (bread bowls, wraps, kabobs and more), had temporarily closed its Port Credit location. At the time, Dunk’n Dip operators said the location, the first of the brand’s three restos, was closed due to renovations. Well, the renovations are pretty much complete, but the spot won’t be reopening as Dunk’n Dip. The restaurant has told insauga.com that the space will be reopening soon, but as a brand new cafe. We’ll have more details on the new opening as they become available. 

The restaurant’s other Mississauga outpost, located on Burnhamthorpe near Mavis in the Square One area, is still open–so you can stop by that one if you’re in the mood for something very chocolatey.

3) Belfast Lounge

Belfast Lounge, the Dixie and Eglinton pub that served local patrons for close to 20 years, is no longer with us.

The pub was number one on our list of Top 5 Pubs and it stood the test of time because it genuinely felt like a bonafide, authentic Irish pub (the kind you would actually find in Ireland). Not only did it offer a more upscale atmosphere than you’d expect, it was also known for truly delicious food. According to signage outside of the resto, the Green Goose Pub is set to take the space over in the not-too-distant future.

2) Port 1 Cafe and Gelateria

Some restaurant closings you just don’t see coming. One of Mississauga’s better known dessert hotspots—and one that served as the city’s only artisan gelateria—is closed. Port 1 Cafe & Gelateria, a cafe and gelato spot that served the Port Credit community for some time, shuttered its doors for good on Sept. 3. The closure has dealt a bit of a blow to Mississauga’s already spartan gelato scene, as Port 1 (which was featured on our Top 5 ice cream rundown) was popular for making its own ice cream in-house and offering a high-quality selection of freshly made sandwiches. The cafe was also once home to a collection of beautiful artwork by a local community group called The Guilty Artists of Port Credit.

Port 1, you will be missed.

1) Door FiftyFive Streetsville

The Door FiftyFive location in Streetsville announced that it closed (and would remain closed for the foreseeable future) in October.  According to an employee, the bar is currently undergoing rebranding and is expected to reopen later in the future, with the exact date of the reopening being unknown at this time. However, if no other bar will do for you, then all hope is not lost — Door FiftyFive in Port Credit remains open (a viable alternative if you don’t mind switching to a new location). While no details have been announced about the specifics of the restaurant and bar’s rebranding, there’s a lot to potentially look forward to.

We’ll update with any further news down the line.

What restaurant closure upset you the most?