5 Brampton Rappers You Should be Listening to

Published May 11, 2017 at 8:15 pm

Brampton is full of artistic talent, from poets, to singers, to visual artists, to filmmakers.

Brampton is full of artistic talent, from poets, to singers, to visual artists, to filmmakers. We boast an urban vibe and a diverse culture, and it’s no wonder so many artists are inspired here.

There are a ton of famous rappers and hip-hop artists from Brampton, like Roy Woods and Tory Lanez, and then there are some that have not taken the world by storm just yet. Some of these rappers are gaining popularity, while some are still underground.

We’ve compiled a list of five of rappers from Brampton that you might not have heard of but that you should be listening to.

5) Savv

Savv is a mysterious hip-hop artist and rapper from Brampton. His project blue. features seven tracks, including the I Wrote this Instead of Killing Myself Blues, which comes with a trigger warning at the beginning of the music video and features the artist in a noose. Comeback Blues also caught our attention with a dark video seemingly about torture. Savv is an experimental artist with a unique sound, definitely worth a listen and a watch.

4) Pryde

Russell Llatino, formerly D-Pryde, and now Pryde, is a Toronto-based Brampton rapper who has toured with J.Cole and been featured on RapCity. You can catch glimpses of Brampton in his video for Piece of Me. Pryde has released several albums and EPs, and his style has fluctuated from pop-rap to something more emotionally bare and true. He’s like a chameleon in that his music is great no matter the style, and his lyrics are dimensional. Pryde has a substantial fan following, it’s probably only a matter of time before he blows up.

3) Derin Falana

Derin Falana, or The Flan, is an up and coming rapper and dancer from Brampton (he’s also featured in our cover photo). You’ll often hear and see bits of Brampton in his witty lyrics and well put together videos. His mixtape 905 gets in touch with his Brampton roots – one of his tracks is even about his experience growing up in Brampton, featuring Pryde. Classic burger joint Sonny’s can also be spotted in Falana’s video for “Bet” and he talks about Brampton stereotypes on a more recent track, “Live from Hollowgrove.” Falana’s style is classic and often reminiscent of J.Cole.

2) Noyz

Noyz is an MC, a spoken word artist, and a rapper whose lyrics are infused with a socio-political commentary on topics like mental health, diversity, and dealing with loss. He has performed at some of the biggest music festivals in North America including SXSW, Canadian Music Week, Manifesto, Harbourfront Festival, and DesiFest. Noyz is very active in the community, hosting creative writing workshops and open mic nights for youth, and he’s currently working on an EP with Brampton producer Dusty Loops called “Lo Fi Glory.” He rocks an old school vibe, best captured on his project Degrees of Freedom.

1) Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty is an edgy artist from Brampton who’s all about female empowerment. She’s got a knack for witty, deep lyrics and catchy melodies, she’s new and fresh, and she’s clearly someone to watch out for. Her project Bass Loud charted #1 on the Top 10 Hip-Hop earshot charts in 2016 and she has performed at music festivals Honey Jam, Manifesto, TDOTFEST, TeamBackPack MUNY, and CMW.  She dropped her latest EP Flower City this year as a tribute to where she came from – our very own Brampton. Haviah Mighty will also be headlining #BollywoodMonster Does Brampton on July 1st, so be sure to check her out.