5 Best spots to check out the fall foliage near Brampton

Published October 25, 2019 at 5:23 pm

Fans of fall have plenty of things to enjoy during the season, there’s Thanksgiving—a great time to catch up with family and enjoy some delicious home-cooking, there’s Halloween—when you can get your spook on and dress up in your scariest (or most enticing) costume, and sports fans can enjoy the return of the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, and the beginning of the MLB playoffs.

However, one of the more underrated benefits of fall is all the bright colours of the changing leaves. The fiery reds, blazing oranges, and vibrant yellows are striking to look at (plus, they provide an incredibly satisfying feeling when you step on them).

These are the five best places to see the fall foliage near Brampton.

5: Mono Cliffs

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, located in the small, rural town of Mono, offers some great hiking trails, and some pristine views of the surrounding nature—there’s a diverse range of ferns and cedars to observe.

It also offers bike paths, mountain biking trails, and even horseback riding trails.

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4: Dundas Peak

Located in the community of Dundas, Dundas Peak is accessible through the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, and offers some incredible views of nature including a stunning view of a waterfall.

Additionally, Dundas Peak boasts some of the region’s most popular hiking trails, and those looking to include their fury friends can bring their dogs—however, they must be kept on a leash.

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3: Mount Nemo

A great destination for avid hikers, as well as a great spot to just relax and enjoy nature, Mount Nemo has plenty to offer people who just want to escape the city—including absolutely picturesque views of the fall foliage.

On a clear day, you can even see the CN Tower, which is roughly 60 kilometers away.

Mount Nemo is located in Burlington and offers five kilometers of hiking trails as well as sport rock climbing trails that start at a 5.9 and go up to a 5.12.

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2: Rattlesnake Point

Whether you want to get out and see nature—flora or fauna—spend the day doing an activity outdoors, or just relax and get back to nature, Rattlesnake Point has you covered.

You can marvel at trees that are thousands of years old, check out turkey vultures soaring over the escarpment, scale the cliff face, or relax and enjoy some yoga outdoors.

Rattlesnake Point offers several enticing attractions including Buffalo Crag Lookout Point, and Nassagaweya Canyon Trail.

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1: The Scarborough Bluffs

Located in Scarborough along the banks of Lake Ontario, Scarborough Bluffs offer enchanting views of not just the fall foliage, but also the Lake as well.

There are plenty of parks in the area, including Bluffer’s Park, and East Point Park.

Plus, there are plenty of activities to do there including hiking trails, beaches, sports and recreational facilities, and picnic spots.

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