5 Best Haunted Houses Near Brampton

Published October 18, 2019 at 6:36 pm

Halloween is nearly here, and that means it’s almost time for scary movies, macabre decorations, costume parties and/or trick or treating, and all things spooky.

For fans of all things frightful, it’s a great time of year because it’s when all the best haunted houses are open to those brave enough to venture inside.

Here are the five most adrenaline-pumping haunted houses near Brampton.

5: Haunted High Park

Fans of seances and speaking to the dead will get a kick out of Haunted High Park located at the Colbourn lodge at 11 Colbourn Lodge Drive.

Guests will get to go on a ghost walk and tour that will include a Victorian séance, a candlelit tour of a 19th-century home in mourning, and a visit to the tomb of the founders of High Park. The tours will also recount ghost sightings and paranormal activities from around the museum.

The event is suitable for people 13 and up, and teenagers must be accompanied by an adult.

Photo courtesy of Instagram

4: Martino Manor

One of Toronto’s newer attractions, after a successful inaugural year in 2018, Martino Manor will be scarring guests again this year.

Located at 7 McIntosh Avenue in Etobicoke (you’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot the hearse parked out front), Martino Manor will feature an outdoor haunted corn maze and an indoor haunted house that proprietor Fernando Martino boasts is the scariest in the city.

Photo courtesy of Martino Manor’s Instagram

3: Casa Loma’s Legends of Horror

When you’re trying to think of the scariest places to visit, few can compete with a castle. Casa Loma is hosting their Legends of Horror experience again this year.

Located at 1 Austin Terrace, Legends of Horror takes advantage of Casa Loma’s gothic architecture and spooky setting. Guests will experience a one-hour tour that will include live performances that take advantage of the physical location in a series of scenes.

Photo courtesy of Instagram

2: Screamers

Toronto’s original haunted attraction is celebrating 27 years of scaring customers. Screamers is back at the Better Dead Centre, located at 195 Princes’ Boulevard

This year’s edition will feature seven themed horror mazes, 120 live-scare actors, rides on the Midway of Horrors, and a live show entitled The Kill Show.

Photo courtesy of Instagram

1: Halloween Haunt

The largest haunted attraction in the GTA is still Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland. This year, many favourite attractions are returning including, several spooky, themed haunted houses only the bravest souls will be able to walk through, and of course many of the regular park rides will be open.

There will also be some new attractions including live performances of an LED dance show, and the toxic party zone, which will include music, lasers, lights, and dancing.

Halloween Haunt is suitable for people ages 13 and up.

Photo courtesy of Canada’s Wonderland’s Instagram

Cover photo courtesy of Canada’s Wonderland’s Instagram